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                          Hott CONSCIOUS SOCA Rhythm "THE TIME IS NOW" and the hit "I Need Your Love" is on her latest Album

 "Well Connected"




Denise played the role of Henrietta Underwood in the film "The Underwoods of Napa Valley" Written/Directed by Janice Dennie  

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                                                                                                                           Listen to Denise on JANGO INTERNET RADIO




"Special Thanks to all our fans for all the support, good vibes and inspiration, as we continue to contribute to the sound of music ." DMR    



All songs performed/composed and produced by Denise M. Richards

 All accompanying music performed composed and produced by the prolific composer/ musician Garvey S. Maynard (Mr. G. Cutty Productions) www.Soundcloud.com/mrgcutty1 


Very special thanks to Nikka Maynard, Lynette Maynard and Keven Stevenson - Vocals

 Keven Stevenson/Jezreal Media Productions 

 For bookings: contact

Aqua Sonic Records
















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